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Our professional team of chimney inspectors can provide a range of services to agents, homeowners, and home buyers and sellers, including:

Level II fireplace/chimney inspections performed by courteous, knowledgeable inspectors using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment:

Level II inspections go far beyond what can be performed in a general home inspection. Our inspectors use state-of-the-art video equipment to inspect the interior of the chimney system and ensure that there are no dangerous cracks, obstructions, or other problems that could pose a risk to property and life.

We perform inspections only. We do not perform any repairs or service to the system. We feel that this allows us to present unbiased findings with no conflict of interest:

Some chimney inspection companies also provide repair services – but not Chimney Check. Our goal is to provide our customers, whether an agent, home buyer, or property owner, with the data they need in a completely unbiased manner. We also never accept referral fees from chimney repair companies.

We can offer approximate cost estimates for any repairs or replacements needed which can be useful when shopping around for a repair company:

Our team feels a high level of responsibility for the people we serve, and want them to have every advantage, including a basic idea about what the repairs should cost from a reputable chimney repair firm.

Inspections performed 7 days a week (Monday through Saturday, with Sundays available upon request):

We all lead busy lives, and it isn’t always possible to take off work to meet with a chimney inspector between 9 and 5. To make it easy to arrange an inspection, we offer extended hours with Saturday appointments, as well as Sundays if needed. Talk to us to schedule your appointment.

Rapid digital reports with photographs of evident issues:

A video of our findings can be sent upon client request. Our reporting system sets the standard. You can expect to receive a digital report that includes photos and explanations of what was discovered in our chimney inspection of the property – and you’ll get it fast. Have questions? We are responsive and ready to help.

We perform inspections on all types of systems including masonry and pre-fabricated chimneys:

Over our decades in the business of chimney inspections means we have seen it all, and are very familiar with all types of chimney systems. Even recently installed prefab chimney systems are found to have been installed incorrectly, so the age of the property is no guarantee. Any chimney should be inspected in the buying/selling process, and for safety.

We are a California Real Estate Inspection Association (C.R.E.I.A.) affiliate:

We are proud to be of service to the real estate agents throughout the Los Angeles area, and to work closely with them in performing chimney inspections.

We are a member of the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.):

The NFPA is tasked with providing codes and standards, and we are proud to be a member of this important national organization, and to work within their standards for our Level II chimney inspections.

Our friendly office staff is available to assist you 6 days a week:

We believe that good communication and excellent service are important, and our commitment includes extending the time in which we make ourselves available by phone to better serve you.

Easy payment terms:

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express to make paying for a chimney inspection easier for our customers.

Contact Chimney Check in Los Angeles to schedule a thorough inspection of your entire chimney system, both externally and internally. Keep your home and family safe!

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